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Appellate Litigation – Working with you until the end

At Mohan Groble Scolaro we know that cases do not always end with the jury verdict or summary judgment issued. Complex cases sometimes require defending results on appeal, or conversely, appealing results that may have gone against our client. We have successfully handled appeals in federal and state courts on countless issues, both in cases where we have handled at the trial level and where we have been brought in for the appeal

Our experience in handling appellate work has given us the breadth and depth of expertise to handle appeals even when we have not handled the original matter. A fresh perspective, combined with deep experience and knowledge of the appellate court system, means clients can be confident they will be represented with great expertise.  Of course, where we have handled the case at the trial level as well, the continuity provides an advantage.


  • Transportation
  • FELA
  • Construction
  • Personal injury cases
  • Employment/Whistle Blower/Labor
  • Commercial
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